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For the beginner or the accomplished singer, private lessons offer you the personal attention that your voice deserves.

You will be able to discuss any vocal problems that you may be experiencing and I will be able to show you how we will fix them.

First we will run an assessment of your voice which usually takes less than 10 minutes. I will then explain the various aspects relative to good voice production.

The assessment is a great indicator in that it helps me to customise the lessons so that we discuss and focus on the areas you personally need to work on.

You will be given breathing exercises and vocal exercises on a weekly basis which will increase the quality, range and power in your voice.

It makes no difference what kind of songs you like to sing as I will be teaching you ‘How” to sing not ‘What’ to sing. The technique works just as well for Opera great Caruso as it did for Elvis Presley. You too will be able to apply these skills to ANY genre of music you choose to perform.

Ready to take a step forward to become the best that you can be?

Make a booking today and let’s start the process!

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